Our Story

Soulstem Collective was created in 2012 as an initiative to contribute to women’s empowerment and positive change through supporting their work directly in a consistent and ethical way.

My soul and spirit was calling out to create an ethical business and passion project, contributing in a way to assist in the liberation and wellness of women.

I was inspired to take my business background and compassion for people to create something meaningful, this is when the Soulstem seed was first planted.

I longed for a connection point that was authentic and could provide support to people in need, especially women and children as they tend to have less opportunity.

My passion led me to a group of highly skilled women in Kolkata India that create beautiful “Kantha” hand stitched Cotton Sari blankets.

Every stitch within the beautiful blanket is a stitch that connects all of us, from the woman who stitches, to myself that brings it to you, the buyer. We are all connected and it humbles me to know that any one of us, at any time, could be in a different position within this chain of stitches.

It is with deep gratitude and respect for the women who make the blankets, that I offer this product to you through Soulstem Collective.

Thank you for supporting Soulstem Collective.