The foundation of Soulstem’s creation comes from a philanthropic intention.  We are committed to providing opportunities for empowerment and hope as we have great passion for human healing. Here are a some of the actions that we are taking to bring our values into reality.

Soulstem Collective is committed to solely supporting the sale and marketing of products that intimately involve the liberation of another human being .We use our purchasing power to directly benefit under privileged artisans in need by pre paying at a Fair Trade price for orders and contributing to their continual sustainability.  By providing payment up front it allows the poor producer to buy more supplies immediately and therefore provides a steady income, which will increase as production increases. Our model supports justice and sustainability to re align the distribution of profit.

Soulstem Collective has started implementing our micro loan program designed to assist artisans that need start up costs for their materials or equipment.  Once we have established a relationship with the artisan, we provide the funds to start production. Once production is completed, Soulstem   purchases the product at a Fair Trade price to be sold on our online store.  We feel this form of partnership  offers a win/win solution to empowering lives while maintaining our Fair Trade values.

Soulstem Collective sponsors several children and their families in Peru and India  by supplying financial aid for their clothing, school and daily needs.  Our intention is to keep growing the number of people of which we support.

Additionally, we have collected and purchased soccer balls, shoes and jerseys for the children in small villages within Peru. We at Soulstem Collective believe that each step we take to support and empower humanity is a step in the right direction that subsequently has profound positive change for so many people.

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