The Freeset Family

The Freeset Family

SoulStem Collective is proud to work with Freeset, a fair trade business in Kolkata, India, that helps local women find freedom from the sex trade. Located in Sonagacchi, the infamous sex district where over 10,000 women are forced into prostitution because of human trafficking and poverty, Freeset hopes to offer these women opportunities for a new start.

Through the production of eco-friendly jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, the business provides an alternative form of employment for these women. Without this option, the women would be forced to remain in the sex trade or risk not being able to survive, let alone provide for their children.

Even if they have no education or skills, the women receive a living wage well above national standards, health insurance, child care and a retirement savings plan. They also participate in running the business by forming committees that ensure everyone’s needs are heard and met.

Founded in 2001, Freeset has grown to employ over 160 women who are now on their way to freedom. A ‘Freeset family’ has formed over the years, and symbolizes growing strength among these women and their communities as a whole.

Fair Trade Products Support Freedom

When you purchase a Freeset fair trade product in the SoulStem Collective store, you’re helping women trapped in poverty and prostitution escape a life they did not choose, and move toward a healthier, more empowering one. The manufacture of Freeset’s fair trade products benefits these women, and also small-scale farmers in the area.

You can show your support simply by purchasing one of our Freeset fair trade bags or t-shirts, available in a variety of styles and colours in the SoulStem Collective online store.