Welcome to Soulstem Collective!

We’re an online store specializing in fair trade products, including jewelry, alpaca ponchos and bags. Our products are sourced directly from artisans and fair trade programs in Asia and South America. By shopping with us, you’re supporting ethical and sustainable trading partnerships that help break the cycle of poverty for women and children in these areas.

Why Shop Fair Trade?

Fair trade products represent much more than a unique, hand-woven shopping bag, authentic alpaca poncho, or jewelry made from healing stones. Each item is crafted with technique and artistry that’s been preserved for generations by an individual determined to break the cycle of poverty in his or her community. Fair trade also supports environmental sustainability!

Fair Trade Jewelry

Production of the necklaces and bracelets available in our online store supports health care and professional development for women in Chile, Peru and Asia. These women are given tools and training to gain independence and freedom from poverty. Shop for fair trade jewelry here>>

Alpaca Wool Ponchos

Our ponchos are sourced from female entrepreneurs in Peru and Bolivia working to support their families and build strong communities. Each one is knitted from handspun 100% pure alpaca wool, and several natural colour patterns are available. Browse our alpaca poncho collection here>>.

Fair Trade Bags

We offer a variety of hand-woven, jute, organic cotton and traditional kanga fabric bags crafted by women in Guatemala, India and Kenya. These bags can be used for baby supplies, shopping, gift-giving and more. Several playful prints are available. View our fair trade bags here>>.

Thank you for supporting fair and ethical trade around the world by shopping with Soulstem Collective!