Soulstem Collective works with several organizations to source beautiful fair trade jewelry for our online store. The production and trade of these unique, handmade pieces supports positive change in the lives of women and children trapped in poverty in Chile, Peru and Asia. The women who make the jewelry are given tools to make an independent living, care for their families, and gain access to other essentials such as vocational training and health care.

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Each hand crafted bracelet from the Shipibo Tribe of the Peruvian Amazon are unique and one of a kind. The art design in each bracelet stems from the spiritual use of plant medicine, which stems back 5,000 years. The glass beads are hand woven together with a high tensile strength thread. The bracelets are designed to fit snug on the wrist and are typically about 2” – 2.5”wide and 5.5 ” long with two clasp positions to accommodate different wrist sizes.

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Fair Trade Jewelry Partner: Comparte

Our natural copper and bronze cuff bracelets come from Comparte – a non-profit organization that produces wholesale jewelry and exports Chilean handicrafts around the world. Members of the World Fair Trade Organization, Comparte supports jewelry and handicraft workshops by promoting and exporting the jewelry, and running technical and product development assistance programs for the people who make it.

When you purchase a Comparte bracelet, you’re helping improve the quality of life for artisans in these workshops by paying fair prices and supporting ethical trade of their products.

Fair Trade Jewelry Partner: Starfish Project

We’re proud to work with the Starfish Project to add gorgeous necklaces and bracelets to the SoulStem Collective store. Each piece is made with healing stones that have unique properties known to be beneficial to the wearer.

The Starfish Project was established in 2006 to empower exploited women in Asia. The project currently employs approximately 35 women in the jewelry workshop where the necklace and bracelet are made. The women are given steady jobs, counseling, vocational training, language acquisition and health care benefits. They also receive professional development opportunities as they take on new levels of responsibility and build their leadership skills. The Starfish Project not only helps these women develop their careers, but also provide for their families and make positive changes in their communities.