The Soulstem  alpaca poncho collection is sourced directly from female entrepreneurs and artisans in Peru and Bolivia. Available in several natural colour patterns, these hand-spun  alpaca wool ponchos are not just cozy and classic fashion statements – they’re a steady source of income for women making a difference in their communities.

Building a Legacy, One Alpaca Poncho at a Time

One Soulstem  supplier has been running her alpaca poncho business in La Paz, the second largest city in Bolivia, for 32 years. With the help of her three children and her niece, Doña Marcelina Zamora Gonzáles has become one of the most important artisans and suppliers in the city of La Paz.

Doña Marcelina began with just a few sweaters to sell. Now, from her home workshop, Doña Marcelina manages a team of assistants that collects and washes the alpaca wool, then dyes it and spins it by hand. Each alpaca poncho is then knitted in a traditional pattern of natural colours with a knitting machine or handloom.

Her business continues to grow, and with support from fair trade partners like Soulstem Collective, Doña Marcelina will expand her workshop, hire more workers and continue to enrich the quality of life for her family and community. Perhaps she’ll even inspire other women to strike out and open businesses of their own.

By purchasing one of the ponchos in the Soulstem Collective store, you’re supporting women like Doña Marcelina and their efforts to be independent, strong and inspiring members of their communities.–>